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A crafter of fun, child-friendly soap products designed to make hand-washing an exciting experience for children

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Through cheerful and colourful characters, we help encourage children to regularly keep their hands clean. We are here to make hygiene a fun experience!

Keeping your hands clean is a simple yet important step to remember every day, but for children, this can be difficult when it comes to hand washing! However, Love Soapy exists to help change this. Allowing children to use their imagination by introducing playful character mascots that makes it an exciting experience. We are all about fun and creativity and continue to think of new ideas and resources to further encourage children to wash their hands by adding playful life to everyday soap dispensers. We can help children use soap dispensers more often and learn the importance of doing so in the most fun way!

The question we had when we started was, how do we make soap dispensers fun? We wanted to make sure children would actively choose to wash their hands, which sparked the idea of Love Soapy’s favourite characters. With a series of cheerful, cute companions to accompany each dispenser, this allows children to have a fun adventure when it comes to washing their hands. Whether it’s in schools, public restrooms, at home, or even while visiting the dentist.