About Love Soapy

Love Soapy is a fun, bubbly company just like its soaps. We are dedicated to helping kids practice effective hand hygiene through the influence of playful characters and naturally good soap products.

Why Love Soapy?

Love Soapy started with a thought in mind when my daughter Emilia was born very premature 12 weeks earlier then expected. I knew at the time that infections were more likely due to her weak immune system, and that meant the need to keep on top of a good hygiene routine to limit any cross – infection, making sure any visitors were washing their hands, and anyone in charge of her care. Hygiene and hand washing was really important at this pivotal time.

When Emilia started school, I was overwhelmed with the need to protect her all over again. I wanted to hold her hands always, but with school, that’s where we all know parents have to start letting them walk on their own.

However, I took her on her very first day to school almost four years ago now. Another important day added to the photo album. This was the day that Love Soapy would become something of an idea. It sprung to me like a flash when she was washing her hands in the school bathroom. (fun hygiene products) I knew i needed to make it a priority to take on this idea and create something that children would love!

Children love colours and characters, and when that idea struck me so quickly – i decided what if we put some fun characters on the soap dispensers? We could then turn something often unseen into something that children would enjoy using.

So, I went home and mocked up some character ideas, and from there, that’s when the journey of Love Soapy started. Since that very day, I have been working to create all of the elements of Love Soapy products that children love to use.

Love Soapy was formed with lots of inspiration!