When you are looking after many kids a day, convincing them to clean their hands can be a feat. However, our products are designed to eliminate this problem and persuade kids to take the initiative to wash their hands when necessary.

Our Products

By encouraging children to wash their hands regularly, we can reduce the impact of germs spreading and reduce illness, which hand in hand reduces absences and the impact of this spreading through the business or school.

Our soap products work by limiting the spread of these germs, influencing kids to keep good hygiene levels up. These products help build a regular routine in hygiene care and without the need for you to personally encourage children to use this.

We know through research and trial that good hand hygiene in schools can lower the infection rates and prevent germs from spreading, therefore improvising the attendance rate of children in school.

Understandably, when you have a number of kids to manage, soap products can be used up quickly, however, at Love Soapy we offer the ability to provide bulk orders and keeping them full for the long term.

Businesses we work with (but of course do not limit ourselves to):

Schools (nursery and primary)
Children’s Play Centres
Day Care

We currently have two different soap scents and three different unique characters on the dispenser. Each soap mascot has its own personality and appearance, allowing kids to pick out their favourite and remember to wash their hands regularly. 

Our soaps exist to prevent kids from taking time off school caused by illness and allow education to move forward. For businesses, we also help reduce the number of germs in the environment and encourage good hygiene practices, there for reducing cross – contamination risks.

If you are searching for a bulk order of children-friendly soaps for school or your business, please do enquire to find out more information and we will get back to you promptly: