Why Us?

There are thousands of soap companies out there, so why is LoveSoapy the company for you? Well, we are focused on providing a different approach to hand hygiene to encourage children to take this simple yet important step.

Our Products

We look at our products from a child’s perspective; we wanted to understand what would make a child excited when it comes to hand washing and what ignites their imagination – the fun part.

Developing the business around the active imagination of children, we wanted to make it fun, and take away the everyday stresses from the adults, so that children feel happy when washing their hands, and most importantly want to.

After research and feedback from children, our approach proved a result. Children were using the products and always remembering to do so after using the bathroom, and at important times. Children responded better to seeing a positive element of bright friendly characters, while not engaging well with seeing images of germs, this enabled us to understand how we could encourage children naturally.

With this in mind it’s also important to keep everything that we do – good for Children. Which means having good natural soap that has no palm oil, or harsh and synthetic chemicals. And that means we can make sure we’re protecting little hands – by only stripping away the bad bacteria, and keeping the hands as healthy as naturally possible whilst also being better for the environment.

We use bright colours and character designs to positively encourage children to use the soap, making it an ‘exciting’ experience. Our entire ethos is dedicated to ensuring that children remember to wash their hands and most importantly enjoy doing so.

Love Soapy is built around children and finding a solution to turning tedious routines and tasks into something joyful.

We’ve found that getting honest feedback from children has led us to create LoveSoapy, a provider of fun soap dispensers that children continue to enjoy across the country! It’s always a pleasure helping parents, businesses and schools encourage children to wash their hands all through fun mascots and lovely, natural scents.

LoveSoapy puts care and consideration into everything it does, with the focus being on how they can help protect delicate hands and prolong the wellbeing of children.

Children will always be at the forefront of LoveSoapy. Happy hand washing!